There is a growing anti-science movement that is broken up into many parts, with very few of them admitting they are anti-science. Anti-Science Brigade is also a video game with a narrative aimed at dissecting how logical people can get wrapped up in these anti-science wormholes. The anti-science movements are numerous, but some of the bigger or more noticeable ones are those that believe in a flat earth, believe that climate change is a hoax, dismiss the science of vaccines, are 5G conspiracy theorists, are anti-GMO, or reject the science of evolution. …

UPDATE, May 1st, 2021: PROCLAMATION DECLARED! Governor Hogan accepted!

May 9–15, 2021, is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Food allergies affect an estimated 1 in 10 of Americans. Over 32 million Americans have a serious and potentially life-threatening food allergy. The overall economic cost of food allergy in the U.S. is nearly $25 billion annually — or over $4,000 per child. Maryland has these issues as well. …

In perhaps the most stressful voting season ever, Joe Biden appears to have snagged enough votes to be declared the victor, and will be the next president of the United States. You held out hope that your vote for Donald Trump would be enough, or perhaps the nation fell asleep and enough votes went to Jo Jorgensen to elect our first Libertarian president, but nay, the Democrat had to go and win. You might have some fears about what this new president will do the country, like: our federal deficit will triple! Abortion rates will quadruple! All my guns will…

Mobile games are often thought to be small-scale, inexpensive, short-term experiences. Mobile games could never replace AAA quality blockbusters on consoles or the intense multiplayer or infinitely customizable gaming experiences available on a PC — could they?

The future of mobile games is decidedly this: mobile technology will not replace ‘traditional’ PC or console gaming — mobile will extend gaming. There are three big trends that point to this.

1. You can play AAA games on your phone, right now

Paying a full price tag of $60 or more for a game on a phone seems implausible to many. Mobile games have paved their way thanks to cheap apps — free…

BALTIMORE, MD. President Donald Trump attacked Maryland Representative Elijah Cumming’s district as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” “where no human being would want to live.” As a resident of the district and as someone who works in Baltimore, I’d like to shed some light on the truth of that statement. In fact, we don’t just have rats and rodents, but the city is infested with sharks, stingrays, and even dragons.

Two years ago, No Man’s Sky, a sci-fi space exploration game boasting powerful procedural generation, released to a flurry of negative reviews and angry, disappointed gamers. Recently, an update to the game, with the moniker “NEXT” was released, featuring a slew of gameplay and content updates. Gaming reviewers are revisiting the strange and colorful world Hello Games have crafted, with many changing their opinion of the title.

Dan Jorquera

Mobile app developer, game programmer/designer, sometimes a writer, always a husband & father, usually a late-night gamer

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